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Make Living Room Charming

Color for living room

Colors of a room can change your mood as well as personality. While most of people take a littlt bit of time, thinking about room color, it influence us every day. Room color can affect our emotion and our thoughts. Color can influence people in different ways, depending on age, gender, ethnic background and weather.

When your room is smallyou can trylight tint for wall. Also try different shades of a similar color as a bi-color trick. That surly look better and stylish too.

If you use light hue on walls, then use a dark shade for ceiling. Dark celing creates a depth of your room.

Furniture of living room

To decor your living space you can use mirrored furniture. Mirrored furniture surly gives a larger look to your interior. It is also stylish too.

Always try to use multifunctional furniture, like sofa cum bed, folding chairs etc. Investing in furniture that serves many functions is a simple way to streamline a room. Try to store your extra but usefull things on the bunk of the room and cover it witha glass sliding doors. that gives an extra good look to your interior.

Usage of lights

Lights of a room is a vital part to decorate the space. You can use celing lights in your living space. It’s all about clever lighting. Shadowy corners will close in the space so start accessorising with some uplighting.

Curtains and carpets for living room

You should try contrast color for curtains and carpets of your living room. If you want to something made different of your room, carpets are the best alternative. You can introduce different rugs for different areas. For great effects, put a rug under center table to highlight coffee area. You can also cover unattractive areas of carpet with area rugs.

Curtains add a gorgeous look to your living space. The curtains when decorated on fashionable and classy rods supply associate absolute completely different look. Curtain accessories such as tiebacks, hooks, rings, brackets, tassels etc. provide associate energetic look to lounge. Choose color and material of curtains according to your lounge. Decorative curtain rods ar on the market in completely different materials like metal, wrought iron, brass etc. These accessories make your living space spectacular.

Living room flooring

Three varieties of flooring in your Drawing space like ceramic tile flooring, wooden flooring, and white marble flooring are appropriate for drawing space. Ceramic tile flooring is extremely sturdy, easy to clean, bacteria free, light in weight, scratch resistant, fire proof and stain free. The tiles are sensible insulators. Ceramic tile flooring is salt glazed that is why it’s anti-slippery.

Wooden flooring is usually counseled for its attainment. It is versatile, durable, noiseless and long lasting if maintained properly. It does not get hot in summer and doesn’t get cold in winter conjointly. It adds charm to the beauty of a Drawing room.