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Information of Wood Window Sill Repair

If you do the work yourself, this option will be more expensive than painting, but not too extreme. However, eventually the new sills will require regular maintenance. A third option is to hire a contractor to wrap the window sills with an aluminum material. This is not a job that you should attempt yourself. In addition to needing the special tool to bend the aluminum, it is a skill that takes practice to perfect. Also, painted aluminum can scratch and dent and require maintenance in the future.

The option that I want to discuss is wrapping your window sills with vinyl. My company sells a vinyl extrusion that is already pre formed to fit on 95% of all wood window sills. If the thickness of your window sill is greater than 1 3/4″, you are in the 5%. The advantages of a vinyl window sill cover are as follows; First, you never have to deal with maintenance issues again.

No more painting, no more wood rot, no scratching or denting. Second, a homeowner with basic tools can do the job themselves. Third, if you have vinyl replacement windows installed or are planning on installing vinyl replacement windows, the white vinyl matches the window frame. If you install vinyl replacement windows that have colored frames, the vinyl window sill covers can be painted to match most colors using a spray paint that is designed for plastic patio furniture. Krylon and rustoleum both make a plastic spray paint.