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Create Outdoor Canvas Art

Canvas which is strong and is stretched on a wooden frame.

Acrylic paints: First white paint should be used so that the canvas can be primed. Then strong color shades need to be used as the sun will fade the colors over a period of time.

Gesso: This is a primer which is used and should be bought in ample quantities

UV Protective canvas spray: This comes in an aerosol spray form and this is used to shield the painting from the strong UV rays of the sun

Oil based polyurethane: This is used so that the water damage on the front as well as the back is resisted

Paint brushes: Different sizes are needed based on the kind of painting you will be doing

Hanging materials: Based on where you want to place the finished piece, either you can use traditional picture hanging material or adhesive Velcro strips or even rope.

The reason why you should use acrylic paints for outdoor canvas art is because this paint dries quickly and when it is dried, it gets a plastic like quality and that helps to resist water damage. This paint is sturdy and dries hard as well. Also, as this painting will be outdoors, and it is consists of wood over which canvas is stretched, there are more chances of the painting catching mildew when it gets wet. Therefore, polyurethane helps the wood to be protected against the elements.

Due to the fact that these materials are all heavy duty, it is best to do this painting outdoors as you will not be inhaling that amount of harsh chemicals. Also, as the painting is outside, the sealers and paints dry quicker.

Gesso primer or white acrylic paint should be used to prime the canvas. In the case of beginners, they may be more at ease with the canvas painted white. However, you should ensure that the primer is evenly spread and there is no lumping or uneven spreading of paint.